Instructions for presentations

The abstracts of lectures and posters should be submitted by May 1, 2017. Please use the LaTeX2e format below, avoiding to use any kind of special macros. The length of the abstract should not exceed one A4 page. Please send your TEX-file by e-mail to cmft17@cmft2017.umcs.lublin.pl. You can download the template also here: abstract.tex.

\documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{article}%%abstract for CMFT ’2017

%\usepackage{}%% delete % and list here necessary packages, please use standard packages only

\parskip4pt plus2pt minus2pt

\renewcommand{\title}[1]{\begin{center}\textbf{\large #1}\end{center}}
\renewcommand{\refname}{\normalsize References}

\title{}%%title of presentation

\author{}%%author’s name
{}%%author’s affiliation

\begin{abstract}%%abstract text


%\textbf{This presentation is based on a joint work with }%%delete % and put coauthors names if any

%\begin{thebibliography}{11}%%delete % if you add references